Lorenz Grey

Liberty Hotel (Self Released)

Lorenz Grey is a jazz / blues singer and pianist who lives in southern Germany and creates new songs and handpicked covers between jazz and pop His casual charm and carefree way of guiding the audience through a varied evening convince and entertain at the same time After the final concert of the small tour to the EP “The Joker” writes the Baden newspaper Lahr “It is a pleasure to listen to him (…), you crave more!”.

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Hey Jazziz Team,

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I’m contacting you to submit my client Lorenz Grey’s debut album ‘Liberty Hotel’ for a possible review or write up. Liberty Hotel will be available worldwide from 24th September. I feel it would be a good fit with The Jazziz, based on the artists you feature in your articles.

The Story of Liberty Hotel

A former state-prison, Offenburg’s LIBERTY was turned into a design hotel, the perfect sponsor and location to lay Lorenz Grey’s debut album. Based on different piano styles it spans from Smooth Jazz, Traditional Pop to Latin and Mo-Town grooves and string-ballads, illustrating unusual new stories from English, German and American writers. ‘Liberty Hotel’s tasteful arrangements are brought to life by some of the best musicians from southern Germany´s Music-Hub Mannheim. The quality of the craftsmanship has been acknowledged by the industry with ballad “Ten Good Summers” being awarded Jazz/Blues winner of the UK Songwriting contest 2019.

I have attached a link to the album below for you:


If you have any questions or you are interested in writing a review or article about Liberty Hotel, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Track Listing

  1. 1. Tuesdays
  2. 2. The Joker
  3. 3. Liberty Hotel
  4. 4. Blackbird
  5. 5. Everybody
  6. 6. Ausgerechnet
  7. 7. Just How It Goes
  8. 8. Virginia Sinner
  9. 9. Ten Good Summers
  10. 10. I'll Tell You
  11. 11. What A Wonderful World

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