Paul Jones

Let’s Get Tropical (Outside in Music)

Saxophonist and composer Paul Jones is, at heart, a storyteller.
Whether drawing inspiration from classic works of literature or the
confessional rhymes of hip hop; the spontaneous inventions of his jazz forebears or the intricate architecture of contemporary classical music; or simply connecting with his own life experiences – Jones’ music invariably takes the listener on a compelling narrative journey. Let’s Get Tropical is Jones’ newest album,and features Phil Markowitz on Piano, Linda Oh on Bass, and Clarence Penn on Drums. The album is inspired by Yacht Rock, Exotica, Maurice Ravel, life experiences, and more.

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Paul Jones - Tenor Saxophone
Phil Markowitz - Piano
Linda Oh - Bass
Clarence Penn - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Trio 3
  2. MR 4
  3. Glacier Lake
  4. Let's Get Tropical
  5. Mental Self Defensive Fitness
  6. MR 2
  7. Straight Talk
  8. Stablemates

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