Tony Hightower

Legacy (Hightower Legacy Records)

Singer/Songwriter Tony Hightower is taking up the mantle to be a bridge that ushers R&B audiences into Jazz…Real Jazz. With years of experience as a musical performer and actor with familial roots that place him firmly within the music’s firmament, Atlanta-native Hightower is still just getting started on this benevolent turn in his journey. And he is bringing a lot of young people with him.

His sophomore project, LEGACY, finds Hightower exploring Jazz vocal stylings from a dazzling prism of angles. “I didn’t have a choice about doing this music,” Hightower confesses. “My mother, Theresa Hightower, lived her life onstage.

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Tony Hightower - Vocals (All) / Drums - Track #4 / Percussion - Tracks #2 - #5 - #9
Kenny Banks, Jr. - Piano
Kevin Smith - Upright Bass
Henry Connerway, III - Drums
Rafa Pereira - Percussion - Track #4 - "Rendezvous"
Derek Scott - Guitar - Track #4 - "Rendezvous"
Mike Burton - Sax solo - Track #1 - "Can't Hide Love"
Terence Harper - Trumpet - Track 8 - "The Gift"
Melvin Jones - Trumpet solo - "The Doll"
The Good Time Brass Band - Horns (All)
The David Davidson Quartet - Strings
Background Vocals - "Can't Hide Love" - "Love and Happiness" - Jason Sylvain - Zaria Hall / "Rendezvous" - Ron "Hollywood" Jackson / "The Doll" - Darren Lorenzo - Dell Phillips

Track Listing

  1. Can't Hide Love
  2. The Doll
  3. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
  4. Rendezvous
  5. All To The Good
  6. Plain Jane
  7. Need You
  8. The Gift
  9. Love and Happiness
  10. Here's To Life

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz