Christie Kanska

“Le Rêve -The Dream” (ZCK Records)

Christie Kanska VOCALIST, PIANIST, COMPOSER & MUSIC EDUCATOR was born in the capital of Armenia in Yerevan She began playing piano when she was seven years old studying classical piano She studied at the Jazz & Contemporary music College earning her degree in Fine Arts and completing her music degree at Berklee College of Music She was on the vocal faculty at the New Odeon of Thessaloniki and Filippos Nakas Odeion Conservatory, Greece and created the ZCK Music Academy. Christie has toured throughout the world and is currently on tour in India supporting her new release “Le Rêve -The Dream”

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Christie Kanska ~ vocals, keyboard, piano
Zdenek Kansky ~ electric and acoustic bass
Matt Savage ~ piano and keyboard
Ethan Kaczowka ~ acoustic guitar
Javier Rosario ~ electric guitar
Alberto Netto ~ drums

Track Listing

  1. No More Blues - A. C. Jobim
  2. "Le Rêve -The Dream" - Christie Kanska
  3. The Girl from Ipanema - A. C. Jobim
  4. Fotografia - A. C. Jobim
  5. From This Moment - Cole Porter
  6. For Christie - Zdenek Kansky
  7. Triste - A. C. Jobim
  8. Upright Bass Inspiration - Zdenek Kansky
  9. 9. Dindi - A. C. Jobim
  10. 10. Bananeira - Donato
  11. 11. One Note Samba - A. C. Jobim

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