Knights of Swing

Knights of Swing Soundtrack (The Knights of Swing)

Through their trials and tribulations, and sense of duty to persevere against all odds, ‘Knights of Swing’ is a moving, feature-length portrait that shows music can unite people from different cultures, backgrounds, and races. With a unique and special bond, the young musicians of “Castle High” find refuge and peace from the aftermath of war and the challenges of the adult world.

Executive Producer Rolland Jacks, who wrote the original story and composed all the music with acclaimed arranger/producer Emilio Palame, conceived the world from personal experiences as a young man in Southern California in 1947.

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Lyrics by Rolland Jacks
Music by Rolland Jacks and Emilio Palame
Music Arranged and Orchestrated by Emilio Palame
Vocal Contractor/Vocal Arrangements by Darlene Koldenhoven
Underscore by Bob Leatherbarrow and E3 Music Productions

‘Knights of Swing’ (The Musicians)
Antonia Barton (“Anna") - 3rd & 1st Trumpet
Nicholas Delgado (“Bill") - 2nd Trumpet
Tatiana Tate ("Brenda Davis") - New 3rd Trumpet
Jordan Wainwright (“Sandy”) - 2nd Trombone
Jonathan Bryant Sie (“Skelton”) - 3rd Trombone
Gail Genuino (“Bobbie”) - Alto Sax/Flute
Edgar Guadiana (“Eduardo”) - Alto Sax/Flute
Nathan Collins (“Macy”) - Tenor Sax
Joshua Escutia (“Luis Contreras”) - Tenor Sax
Brian Tran (“Shinji”) - Baritone Sax
Kristian de Leon (“Eugene”) - Vibes & Percussion
Edison Vilar (“Roger”) - Vibes & Percussion

The 3 B’s
Beverly - Lead Vocalist (Emily Goglia)
Bonnie - Alto Vocalist (Ivana Céspedes Jordan)
Barb - Soprano Vocalist (Olivia Dessy)

The Jammin’ Pajama Men
Gifford - Songwriter/Vocalist/Sax (played by Curran Barker)
Nolan - Piano Player (played by Kyle DeCamp)
Conrad - Lead Trombone/Vocalist (played by Jeremy Staple)
Elliott - Lead Trumpet (played by Christopher Pollock)
Kenny - Bass (played by Brandon Ruiter)
Duke - Drummer (played by Greg Sadler)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Schoolroom Blues
  2. 2. You’ve Gotta Have A Dream
  3. 3. Love Is Ours Tonight
  4. 4. Cucamonga
  5. 5. Guessin’ Game
  6. 6. Butterfly
  7. 7. Bev and Giff’s Diner Date
  8. 8. Ooh Baby You’re Driving Me Crazy
  9. 9. Song for Now
  10. 10. I’m Falling In Love with You
  11. 11. Scrambled Eggs (Instrumental)
  12. 12. Baby Don’t Cry Now
  13. 13. Wilson High Victory Stomp
  14. 14. Battle of the Bands Medley
  15. 15. No Bright Tomorrows
  16. 16. The Victory Stomp (Instrumental)

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