Al Hammerman

Just A Dance (WhistleWind)

Garnishing accolades from the likes of Grammy winning artists such as Steve Tyrell and Patty Austin, Al’s impressive collection of award winning songs are on pace to be remembered as significant contemporary standards.

Hammerman’s innovative; pop/jazz style evokes both story and emotion. While extremely versatile, much of his music bears influence of such legendary composers as Gershwin, Porter, and Jobim.

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Track Listing

  1. 1) What Else
  2. 2) Everybody Knows
  3. 3) Been Through The Blues
  4. 4) Right On Riverside
  5. 5) Break Out The Blues
  6. 6) In LA
  7. 7) Just A Dance
  8. 8) Maybe Be Mine
  9. 9) Sad Sunny Day
  10. 10) Not Sure
  11. 11) Always Looking Up
  12. 12) Keep Keep'n On
  13. 13) Just a Dance (Country)

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz