Daniel Loomis

Job’s Trials: A Jazz Song Cycle (Dan Loomis Music)

An established force on New York creative scene, Dan Loomis has emerged as a daring leader, a sought-after sideman, and a composer whose view of the world – and willingness to explore his own inner questioning – has led to the creation of innovative and moving works.

Loomis has produced nearly a dozen recordings with the Dan Loomis Quartet and with bands he co-leads, including the critically-acclaimed collectives SPOKE and The Wee Trio. He’s a regular member of The Joel Frahm Trio. As a composer, he has just released ‘Job’s Trials: a Jazz Song Cycle”.

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Dan Loomis - Contrabass, Composition and Script
Voice - Yoon Sun Choi
Voice - Song Yi Jeon
Guitar - Jeff Miles
Drums - Jared Schonig
Narration & Voice - Daniel Breaker

Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
Recorded at Big Orange Sheep by Chris Benham
Mixed at Systems Two by Mike Marciano
Mastered by Nate Wood

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
Recorded and mixed at Park West Studios by James Clouse
Mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Mastering

Producer - Dan Loomis
Executive Producer - Chris & Claudia Murray

Track Listing

  1. our narrator, Ha Satan, proposes a bet
  2. Abundance Overture
  3. the woeful conditions of the wager
  4. Naked Return
  5. an answer arrives unheeded; Job’s lament
  6. Do Not Cover my Blood
  7. pious protestations: cold comfort
  8. Job’s Blues
  9. appeal to a higher power
  10. Consider This: A Higher Power
  11. “Do you know where the light comes from?"
  12. Words Without Knowledge
  13. wondering on the wager… who spoke rightly?
  14. Dear Lord

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