Simona Smirnova

Joan of Arc (Simona Smirnova Music)

Simona Smirnova is a Lithuanian born jazz vocalist, composer and kanklės player based in New York City She is an ambassador of Baltic folklore in the United States, while presenting a unique ethnic instrument through modern styles and a highly entertaining act called “Bird Language” Simona is a fixture in the New York live scene with her quartet when she’s not touring the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Europe Smirnova’s genre-bending style has a unique theatrical flavor and uncanny vocal improvisation techniques She deftly implements chamber music, Lithuanian zither – kanklės and folkloric chants into foundations of jazz.

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Simona Smirnova - singer, composer, kanklės player
Josh Henderson - violin I, electric bassist
Caroline Dexler - violin II
Trevor Knew - viola
Julie Henderson - cello
Joseph Branciforte - engineer, co-producer

Track Listing

  1. Prelude
  2. Joan's Calling
  3. The Quote
  4. Preliminary Iquiry
  5. Interrogation
  6. Judges
  7. Torture Room
  8. Abjuration
  9. Communion
  10. Old Market Place
  11. Empty Land (featuring Chris McCarthy)

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