Evan Hause

Jade (CD Baby/EVHA)

Evan Hause is best described as an experimental crossover musician. He brings to his deep roots in post-60’s rock – especially art rock, pop, and jazz – an exhaustive classical conservatory immersion. On one side jumping between or fusing avante garde contemporary musical techniques: microtonality, polytempo, musique concrète, open form, free improv, conventional classical forms, and musical theater, and on the other side putting out rock or jazz solo albums displaying a dizzying array of influences, Hause is one of those increasingly-common breeds of unpredictable and unclassifiable musical synthesists whose ways were paved by Stravinsky and Zappa, Zorn.

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Chris Wabich - drums, percussion, steel pan
Damjan Krajacic - flute, bass flute [1, 2, 3, 5]
Maureen Hurd - clarinet, bass clarinet [1, 2, 3, 5]
Miles Brown - upright bass [2, 3]
Tim Leopold - flugelhorn, trumpet [3, 5]
Nat Chaitkin - cello [3]
Toyin Spellman-Diaz - oboe [3]
Payton MacDonald - vibraphone [3]
Mark Ptak - Hammond C-3 organ [4]
Christopher Creviston - soprano sax [5]
Joe Lulloff - alto sax [5]
David Stambler - tenor sax [5]
Henning Schröder - baritone sax [5]
Gabriel Rice - bass trombone [5]
Nat Dickey - tenor trombone [5]
Evan Hause - electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass [1, 4, 5], piano, mandolin, ukulele, additional percussion, mixing and programming

Track Listing

  1. 1 Palisades
  2. 2 Sandcastle
  3. 3 Chandelier
  4. 4 Pinelands
  5. 5 Saturnalia

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