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Jarez’s rise from the studio to the stage has been a remarkable journey of talent, timing and authentic showmanship. Originally trained as a jazz artist, Jarez understood the necessity for extending his musical outreach to younger audiences, which led to a unique business and musical partnership with hip hop guru Coolio. While managing Coolio, Jarez simultaneously recorded and played his saxophone live around the world with Coolio. Combining his ear for jazz with upscale interpretations of hip hop, Jarez’s music became a prescription for bringing youth back to instrumental music and a solo career sprang forth.

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In a few short years, saxophonist Jarez has gone from being known as “Mr. Sexy Saxy’ to the mayor of J FUNK CITY! While known to millions as touring saxophonist and right-hand man for Coolio – and his appearances on the rap star’ web series “Cookin’ With Coolio” – the saxophonist has scored an impressive string of smooth urban hits and albums playing it silky, sensual and romantic. This new collection has its steamy moments, but for the most part it’s a punchier, ultra-funky blast featuring a more muscular, emotionally impactful approach. Jarez’s wild success these past years has opened doors for him to invite all-star guests Julian Vaughn, Vandell Andrew, Willie Bradley, Ragan Whiteside and Gerald Albright (on bass!) to help him execute his supercharged vision.

Track Listing

  1. Night Life (Featuring Vandell Andrew) - 4:05
  2. 24 Hours (Featuring Julian Vaughn) - 3:54
  3. This Time Around (Featuring Ragan Whiteside) - 4:02
  4. Shine - 4:09
  5. J Funk City - 3:48
  6. Driving Force (Featuring Willie Bradley) - 4:42
  7. Wait A Minute - 3:31
  8. Finally - 3:41
  9. Got This Feelin’ - 4:06

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