Matteo Mosolo

Isolation (Caligola Records)

Matteo Mosolo (1985) is an eccentric and versatile double bass player from Udine (Italy). Graduated in classical double bass in 2011 he has studied jazz bass since 2008 improving his skills with Paolino Dalla Porta, Francesco Bearzatti and more. He is so active in North Italian jazz scene, recording with a lot of musicians and playing in big festival across Italy (Umbria Jazz, Folkest, Udin&Jazz, Siena Jazz and more). His first solo album Isolation has been released in August 2020 with Caligola Records.

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Matteo Mosolo - Double Bass and Voice

Track Listing

  1. Freedom (C. Mingus)
  2. Uprising Dance (M. Mosolo)
  3. Desolation (M. Mosolo)
  4. So Wait (M. Mosolo)
  5. Free Society Blues (M. Mosolo)
  6. Mud Mood (M. Mosolo)
  7. Spiritual [for Charlie Haden] (M. Mosolo)
  8. Ghosts (A. Ayler)
  9. Oh Lord Save Mother Earth (M. Mosolo)

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