Peripheral Vision

Irrational Revelation and Mutual Humiliation (Independent)

Peripheral Vision is one of the most exciting and innovative jazz quartets on the international jazz scene, performing together for over 10 years Based in Toronto, Canada, the creative leaders of the group are long time musical collaborators, guitarist Don Scott and bassist Michael Herring They have assembled a synergistic musical unit designed to push the boundaries of jazz while engaging the listener with a grooving, toe-tapping immediacy Their distinctive musical voice bridges tradition and innovation, with deeply felt influences ranging from jazz, rock, classical, and improv, with a focus on dynamic group interaction Following up on their JUNO nomination,

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Trevor Hogg - Tenor Saxophone
Don Scott - Guitar
Michael Herring - Double Bass
Nick Fraser - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Whistle Up A Rope
  2. Hanging In, Hanging On, Hanging Out
  3. Reconciliation Suite
  4. For Kent Monkman
  5. The Fish Who Can’t Do Math
  6. Brooklyn’s Bearded
  7. Man vs Zafu
  8. Title Crisis
  9. Kopfkino
  10. S N A Kee SSS
  11. Neo-Expressionism For Pacifists
  12. N12
  13. Schleudern
  14. Mutual Humiliation Society

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz