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Justin Chart is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, producer and performer of improvisational jazz He is best-known for free-form jazz performances that resemble painted soundscapes Known as “The Blizzard” for his explosive playing and intricate compositional style, Chart is widely known for “Los Angeles The Song”, an upbeat song dedicated to the city of his birth The song has won numerous awards and has garnered more than 11 million views on YouTube alone Chart has written songs for numerous films and television shows Throughout his five-decade career.

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Justin Chart

Track Listing

  1. 2021 ~ "At 3 a.m." on Intuition
  2. 2021 ~ "The Sidereal Sound" on Intuition
  3. 2021 ~ "Didn't Then I Did" on Intuition
  4. 2021 ~ "Just Like That" on Intuition
  5. 2021 ~ "Our Hands" on Intuition
  6. 2021 ~ "Always in All Ways" on Intuition
  7. 2021 ~ "Somethin To Say" on Intuition
  8. 2021 ~ "Diamond of the Night" on Intuition
  9. 2021 ~ "These Changes Devine" on Intuition
  10. 2021 ~ "Cherry Tonalin" on Intuition
  11. 2021 ~ "Blue Will Get You" on Intuition
  12. 2021 ~ "Pleased After a Day's Work" on Intuition

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