Marc Wagnon

Interesting Times (Buckyball Records)

Marc (Tunnels, Brand X) is releasing a new album “Interesting Times” featuring vocalist Sarah Pillow. In addition to vibraphone, Marc plays half of the drum tracks on this album as well as percussion. This fourth solo release reflects on the very “Interesting Times” we live in, and it all translates into a realistic and hope-filled view of the future.

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Marc Wagnon: vibraphone, drums, percussion
Sarah Pillow: voice
Maria Grand: tenor sax
Tim Ouimette: trumpet
Kevin Oliver: alto sax
Kevin Moehringer: trombone
Van Manakas: guitar
Leo Traversa: bass
Jonathan Price: bass
Tony Green: acoustic bass
John O’Reilly Jr.: drums

Track Listing

  1. synergy
  2. hypatia
  3. this moment
  4. heliopause
  5. in our mind
  6. the celestial mill
  7. proxima centauri
  8. lightning strikes once

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