Boni de Souza

inffusion (Cool Music)

Singapore-based pianist/composer/arranger Boni de Souza composed “It is what it is” to accompany a visual. This original tune is now a part of a compilation of his recordings in the album “Inffusion” now available on all digital platforms. This release is one of the first for his Cool Music label, established in August 2020, where during the pandemic he had much alone time to create artistically as well as contemplate life’s challenges. Boni’s career as a jazz musician began in the 1980s as a session player in studios as well as a supporting pianist in a variety of bands which helped him immerse into a variety of musical genres from Classical to Rock,Pop and Jazz. His first release in 2000, Eau de Vie marked de Souza’s acclaimed full-length debut as a bandleader and featured a mix of original compositions and inventive arrangements of classics by John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk, among other greats.
He collaborated with many fine musicians in Singapore as well as international musicians who made their base in the region. His earlier jAZZTET performed regularly (1994-2001) at the Sunday Jazz Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel (SG). The band included Wendy Low on Flute, Victor Gaskin on double bass, Sanip Ismail on drums and Farid Ali on guitar. He also collaborated and-or recorded with Alemay Fernandez, Richard Jackson, Pablo Calzado, Iggy Bong, Hiro Maekawa, Oswal Gonzales and many more.

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