Anthony Pirog

In Side (AGS Recordings)

One of the two inaugural releases on AGS Recordings, the new guitar record label launched by Alternative Guitar Summit’s founder, guitarist/composer/writer Joel Harrison, and guitarist/composer Anthony Pirog Washington, DC-based Anthony Pirog is a musician who knows no stylistic limits. Educated in jazz but enthusiastically embracing diverse forms from indie/punk-informed rock to ambient experimentation, Pirog has emerged as one of the most noteworthy artists on the 21st century DC area music scene. His disc In Side is a quiet, soulful, often meditative solo guitar album, speaking in part to the isolation many of us have felt in the time of Covid.

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Anthony Pirog (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synth; baritone guitar, lap steel, loops)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Cloud Forest
  2. 2. Dew Drop
  3. 3. Mood Current
  4. 4. Janel
  5. 5. Bit Clock
  6. 6. Strange
  7. 7. Castro Canyon
  8. 8. Mirrors and Mirrors
  9. 9. Song for Ava
  10. 10. Desire Waltz
  11. 11. Emerald Gaze 03:54
  12. 12. Catania Piece
  13. 13. Twin Dilemma
  14. 14. Peace
  15. 15. The Shape of Rain 02:26
  16. 16. Anniversary Theme

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