Big Space

In Relation To (Self-Released)

Big Space is an instrumental jazz-rock trio. Formed in 2013, the band jazz approach to original instrumental compositions that touch on genres like post-rock, math rock, and progressive rock.

Free improvisation is a key part of Big Space’s sound, and the trio is all about taking chances and catching moments of inspiration. Their upcoming 2021 album In Relation documents the latest progression of the band’s adventurous music, ranging from riff-driven instrumental rock to contemporary jazz fusion and atmospheric soundscapes.

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Grant King - Guitar
Ashley Chalmers - Drums
Ian Murphy - Bass

Track Listing

  1. 1. Almost Everything
  2. 2. Triptrap
  3. 3. See Through
  4. 4. After Words
  5. 5. I Was Looking For You There
  6. 6. Monochromatic
  7. 7. Relevator
  8. 8. Ships
  9. 9. Coupla Nights

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