Dusan Jevtovic

If You See Me (autoedition)

Dusan Jevtovic is a Serbian artist and guitar tutor, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.
Lately Dusan has recorded with Tony Levin, Gary Husband, David Cross, Asaf Sirkis, Vasil Hadzimanov, Marko Djordjevic, Xavi Reija, Bernat Hernandez, Markus Routher etc.
He is a highly versatile player covering many areas of music but is best known for his work in the modern jazz/blues/rock idiom. Dusan is known for his improvisational work and for the diversity of his musical projects, as well as his use of effects pedals and looping devices which give his music a distinct sound.

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Dusan Jevtovic guitar
Markus Reuter Touch guitars® AU8, live looping
Bernat Hernandez fretless bass
Gary Husband drums
Special guest:
Aleksandar Petrov tapan (Macedonian traditional drums)

Track Listing

  1. Walking Seven 04:53
  2. Babe (Grannies) 06:13
  3. Blue 05:53
  4. If You See Me 05:18
  5. Something In Between 05:12
  6. Once Ocho 06:12
  7. Si Pooro 04:06
  8. Ending 02:46

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