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I Wish (independent artists)

Kristina Mihalova and Jakub Sedivy are among the most outstanding young personalities of the Slovak music scene In Slovakia, they performed in front of world stars such as Stanley Clarke or Candy Dulfer at local biggest jazz festivals In October 2019 they won the Bratislava Jazz Days festival contest for Young Artists and in December they also won the JazzStartUp 2019 competition In 2017 they received Discovery of the Year award at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz competition They are currently nominees of the prestige Radio_Head Awards in the Discovery of a year category

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Kristina Mihalova & Jakub Sedivy are two young artists from Slovakia, who recently released two mesmerizing and intimate singles “SKIES" and “I WISH” from their upcoming album. The gloomy but beautiful atmosphere of songs will immediately engulf you in their perception of the beauty of the acoustic performance. The combination of Kristina`s voice and Jacob`s playing creates a truly extraordinary musical experience. Their interplay sensitively creates an atmosphere with ease and charm. As a listener, you will feel amazed and inspired.

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  1. Both clips were made by the couple themselves just with the phone. "We try to emphasize the music we compose, and the visual aspect of our compositions adds to its specific atmosphere. We think that a modern artist should be able to present himself aesthetically and imaginatively in every way. We found joy in making our video clips. It allows us to turn our music into a visual we feel familiar with.”

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