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Here And There (Independent)

“Harvey’s playing starts with a great respect for Lester Young,but doesn’t imitate him.His sound on all his instruments is more vigorous than Lester’s.He is a strider,not a floater,a Pavoratti rather than a Sinatra.He is bold,clear,agile and resonant,and his sense of humor accompanies his sense of artistic design.”
liner notes by Bill Crow

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Harvey Kaiser,saxophones,clarinet,flute(all tracks); Mike Kull,piano; Allen Murphy,Bruno Zoia,Lew Scott,contrabass; Steve Haas, Piero Borri,Marvin Bugalu Smith,drums.

Track Listing

  1. Six Steps
  2. MJ Blues
  3. MBS
  4. Bookie's Cookies
  5. Snickers
  6. etc

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