No Square

Here and Now (Altri Suoni)

CV / No Square : Created in July 1994, the jazz quartet No Square was founded and led by the German bassist, André Hahne The group has already produced 11 albums and has toured around the world « The initial idea was to develop an living, energetic jazz Our music has developed as a group, not just as individuals but shared equally What motivates and animates us is playing live » The jazz of No Square is composed of simple melodies and of more complexe binary grooves inspired by polyrythms and odd mesures devoloped in contemporary jazz.

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Track Listing

  1. 1) Here and Now composer & arranger André Hahne
  2. 2) Indian Spring composer & arranger André Hahne
  3. 3) Highline composer & arranger André Hahne
  4. 4) Rain and Dear in Nara composer & arranger Matthieu Durmarque
  5. 5) Zephyr composer & arranger Michael Haudenschild
  6. 6) Like a forgotten bank note in your pocket
  7. composer & arranger Matthieu Durmarque
  8. 7) Femen composer & arranger André Hahne
  9. 8) Over the Tight Rope composer & arranger Matthieu Durmarque
  10. 9) Ice Cream Composer & arranger André Hahne

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