Pamela MI Hart

Happy Talk (HartBeat Productinos)

Pamela Hart is highly regarded as one of Austin, Texas’ finest vocalist She is noted by Austin Women’s Magazine as “Austin’s First Lady of Jazz ” Pamela and her husband Kevin Hart produced (and she has performed in) the semi-annual Women in Jazz Concert Series 1994 through 2021. Pamela was inducted in the Austin Jazz Society Hall of Fame in 2018. She has recorded Sunday House Concerts on YouTube since March 2020. A native of Los Angeles, Pamela released her first CD “May I Come in?” in 1998. She is proud to release “Happy Talk” in May 2021.

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Pamela Hart – Vocals
Ryan D. Howard – Piano
John Fremgen – Bass
Tommy Howard - Guitar
Brannen Temple – Drums
Michael Malone – Soprano and Tenor Saxophones
Andre Hayward – Trombone
Althea Rene` Flute & Alto Flute

Track Listing

  1. 1. Wonder Why
  2. 2. Tenderly
  3. 3. Happy Talk (From “South Pacific”)
  4. 4. Don’t Go to Strangers
  5. 5. Go Away Little Boy
  6. 6. Wild is the Wind
  7. 7. So Many Stars
  8. 8. The Grass is Greener
  9. 9. We’ll Be Together Again

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz