Henrik Olsson/Hand of Benediction

Hand of Benediction (Barefoot Records)

Henrik Olsson is a Swedish guitarist and composer based in Copenhagen. He is well established on the Danish and international jazz/improvisation scene, where his playing has attracted attention through his own projects Penumbra Ensemble, The Hum and EHM, as well as through various ad hoc contexts. His new project Hand of Benediction is a guitar-bass-drum trio and features two unique voices on the scene; drummer Rune Lohse and bass player Jeppe Skovbakke.

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Henrik Olsson: Electric Guitar & Compositions
Jeppe Skovbakke: Electric Bass/Double Bass
Rune Lohse: Drums

Julie Kjær - Flute/Bass Clarinet (Track 5 & 7)
Kristian Tangvik - Tuba (Track 7)

Track Listing

  1. Aventurine 01:28
  2. N.H.F.T.P.H.O.B. 04:03
  3. Shocking method restores lost hair 03:31
  4. Collect in a bowl, let the afflicted person drink 02:30
  5. The Voynich manuscript 03:41
  6. Hilarious moments 02:02
  7. Black Tourmaline 03:58
  8. Harmony 05:28
  9. Udug 03:56
  10. Embroider it upon black satin and say: "9s¯!(z>W!*#1&/H" 03:35

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