GND (Novoton)

Andreas Karperyd is the alderman of Swedish electronica/ambient/experimental scene and have been active since the mid 80s releasing under many aliases (Omala, Obconic, He Said Omala, Hox and A Karperyd) and creating music for stage/dance performances. Sometime after the release of the ’Duke of York’ album by Hox (with Graham Lewis of Wire) Andreas was diagnosed with cancer and took help by composing new music all through the treatments 2016-2020. When he was declared healthy in 2020 he started editing and producing the hours of music he had made, cutting it down to become his second solo album GND

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Based on recordings made 2016-2020
Mixed and produced late 2020
Music and Artwork by Andreas Karperyd
Drums on Track 7 by Christian.Olsson
Mastered by Andreas Tilliander

Track Listing

  1. 01 A The Well-Defined Rules Of Uncertainty
  2. 02 A The Desire To Invoke Balance With Our Eyes Closed
  3. 03 A Reminiscence Of Tar
  4. 04 B Failures And Small Observations
  5. 05 B Experience Of Today Is The Prediction Of Tomorrow
  6. 06 B Common Ground
  7. 07 B Music For Millionaires Without Conscience
  8. 08 B Mummification Of An Empire

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