Lina Allemano, solo trumpet

Glimmer Glammer (Lumo Records)

LINA ALLEMANO is a Canadian trumpeter, composer, improviser and band leader with an active international career, performing cutting-edge contemporary music primarily in improvised, jazz and experimental settings. Allemano splits her time between TORONTO and BERLIN and is recognized as one of the leading innovative trumpeters on the scene today. She is busy collaborating all across the globe with a long and ever-expanding list of important international artists, as well as running her own label LUMO RECORDS and leading multiple groundbreaking projects including OHRENSCHMAUS, LINA ALLEMANO FOUR, TITANIUM RIOT, BLOOP, and her SOLO TRUMPET project.

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Lina Allemano: trumpet, mutes & materials

Track Listing

  1. Portrait of Sticks (for Nick)
  2. Clamour
  3. Shimmer
  4. Glimmer Glammer
  5. Buchfink
  6. One Man Down (for Justin)

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