Mitchell Coleman, Jr.

“Glide” (The Sound Los Angeles Records)

Modern Funk-Jazz bassist Mitchell Coleman, Jr. recently threw down the gauntlet by daring to rerecord the Funk classic “Glide,” originally recorded in 1979 by the Portland band Pleasure. The reception the song received at radio with its pulsating groove and a lyrical message about defiantly overcoming adversity has been so strong that Coleman is now going a step forward and issuing an instrumental version that only retains the vocal hook at the very end. Coleman is a disciple of Stanley Clarke, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Marcus Miller schools of the Throwdown.

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Mitchell Coleman, Jr. - bass
George Mitchell - drums
Josh Sklair - guitar
Hiroshi Upshur - keyboards / arrangements
Timbali Cornwell - percussion
Fernando Harkless - Sax
Aneesa - backing vocals
Fernando Harkless - backing vocals

Track Listing

  1. Glide

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