Oli Astral

From the Astral (Multiple Chord Music)

The musical universe of Montreal-Canadian guitarist Oli Astral (Olivier Grenier-Bédard) is a fusion between the sound of modern jazz guitar, digital music technology, and visual projection At 32, Oli Astral embarked on the adventure of “From the Astral” (2022), his first album as a leader. Olivier Grenier-Bédard is the recipient of prizes and distinctions such as the Audience Award in the “La Musique Change Des Vies competition” (2015) organized by the Montreal International Jazz Festival and the “Audience Award” (2019) at the Rimouski Jazz Festival, as part of the LOJIQ Grand Prix with the group LEAF.

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Guitar & MIDI controllers : Olivier Grenier-Bédard
Double Bass and Modular Synthesizers : Frédéric Alarie
Drums : William Régnier

Track Listing

  1. From the Astral
  2. L'envol
  3. From the Deep
  4. Avec Plaisir
  5. From the heart
  6. Spectre Sonore

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