World Jazz Quintet

From QPAC Theatre (Francis Hon Music)

World Jazz Quintet (WJQ) draws from a variety of styles including jazz standard, American and Asian pop, contemporary, experimental, and folk music from around the world to bring a truly unique and highly-improvisational sound.

Led by five creative musicians in New York’s jazz scene, WJQ perform a variety of works representing the rich cultural and artistic diversity heard in contemporary jazz styles today. The program includes standard jazz selections and original works as well as elements of Asian traditional folk music, American and Asian pop styles, and other influences representing improvisational musical traditions from around the world.

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Scott Litroff - Alto Sax
David Ullmann - Guitar
Francis Hon - Piano
Jeong Hwan Park - Bass
Daisuke Konno - Drums

Track 1 and 6 composed by David Ullmann; Track 2 by Yu-Hsien Deng; Track 3 by Joe Sample; Track 4 by Jeong Hwan Park; Track 5 by Seon Ju Park; and Track 7 by Randy Weston.

Recorded by Robert Anderson
Mixed and Edited by Michael Kim
Design by Francis Hon

Track Listing

  1. Astor Place
  2. Spring Breeze 望春風
  3. Soul Shadows
  4. Ultimo fin de Samana
  5. One's Way Back 귀로
  6. Memory Games
  7. Little Niles

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