Friendy Fire (GSI records)

Friendy’s original sound is an explosive combination of contemporary jazz, supercharged rock and anime opening themes. The NYC based band, originated in Israel, performs original compositions with a strong rhythmic feel and an abstract attitude. Over a decade of playing and a close friendship has created a unique and expressive musical language. ​ Friendy are about to release their debut album, Friendy Fire, a culmination of over a decade of friendship, hard work, and a common view of life. In preparation for this album, Friendy went through a 3-day long musical boot camp which consisted of intensive musical rehearsals.

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Zohar Mokady Amar - Tenor Sax
Shai Yuval - Drums
Daniel Ashkenazy - Bass
Noam Borns - Piano

Track Listing

  1. Glass Box
  2. H
  3. My Ninja Way
  4. Beyond Sad (Intro)
  5. Beyond Sad
  6. Traveler Song (Intro)
  7. raveler Song
  8. Power Song
  9. Aaron
  10. Yam (Bonus Track)

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