For Money and Power (Cmntx)

Brooklyn-based punk-jazz trio Goldbloom is back for blood with the release of their 2nd album, “For Money and Power.” The band’s sophomore release comes full force with Martin’s wicked drum beats, Williams’ infectious bass lines, and Opper’s formidable saxophone chops, all featuring in the hopes of securing financial gain and political influence. The band returns with a wider stylistic range and a more seasoned compositional approach. Songs like “Redneck” and “Another Knight’ showcase the band’s raucous punk-jazz style, while tracks like “Cash Grab” and “Callahan” have a more bluegrass flavor harkening back to the band’s Texas roots. “For Money and Power” highlights Goldbloom’s unique voice and clear message: “buy our f*cking merch.”

Available 2024-06-07
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Blake Opper - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Williams - Electric Bass
Grant Martin - Drums

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