Juan Dhas

For A Chapter Closed, and Another Begun (Self-Released)

Born on May 4th, 1994 in Dubai, UAE to a Colombian mother and Indian father, Juan Dhas is constantly seeking to push his limits and abilities as a guitarist, a composer and an improviser Over the years, Juan has developed a thoughtful, deliberate and intense guitar sound along with a lyrical, yet intricate compositional style During the course of the pandemic, Juan has taken to experimenting with distance recording and orchestration, trying to preserve the warmth and dynamic interplay from Jazz and exploring new creative pursuits amidst the current circumstances.

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Lilia Ben Chikha - Voice
Juan Dhas - Guitar/Voice/Programming
Anthony Muthurajah - Bass/Drums

Composed & Arranged by Juan Dhas

Producer - Juan Dhas
Co-Producer - Anthony Muthurajah

Mixed & Mastered by Anthony Muthurajah

Track Listing

  1. "For A Chapter Closed, and Another Begun" - 6:36

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz