Elisa Thorn's HUE

Flowers For Your Heart (Self-released)

“Rapturous…captivating” —Georgia Straight
Inspired by her father’s abstract paintings, Vancouver-based harpist/composer Elisa Thorn’s (Gentle Party) stunning HUE project “exploits the potential offered by colour, movement, and abstraction in her own works” (Textura). With vocalist Laura Swankey, bassist James Meger and Justin Devries drums, HUE combines influences of post-rock, jazz, and indie music with acoustic and processed sound to create music not like anything you’ve quite heard before.

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Elisa Thorn - harp
James Meger - bass
Justin Devries - drums

Track Listing

  1. Brother
  2. The Other Side
  3. Flowers For Your Heart
  4. As If
  5. There's No Tomorrow
  6. Magnolia
  7. Mountains

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