Fiona Ross

Fierce and Non-Compliant (Therapy Records)

Fiona has become known for creating her own contemporary Jazz sound using fast-paced Latin Jazz, vintage jazz club and a little neo-soul along with heart-wrenching ballads that demonstrate that “Her style is poetic and the messages ooze with Millennial angst” (Jazz weekly). She came to the world’s attention as “The artist that gave Ed Sheeran his ‘first push'” (Daily Express), but has very quickly established herself as an artist in her own right and has received incredible reviews across the globe.

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All songs written, arranged and produced by Fiona Ross
Fiona Ross (Vocals, keyboards)
Snow Owl (Bass on ‘I Don’t Want It and Don’t Say)
Kim Cypher (Sax on ‘I Followed My Heart’)
Adam Cooper (Vocals on ‘I Followed My Heart’)
Marco Piccioni (Guitar on ‘Socialising with Misery’)
Warren Woodcraft (Percussion on Be on My Side)
Gibbi Bettini (Guitar)
Derek Daley (Bass)
Marley Drummond (Drums)
Loren Hignell (Saxophones)
Adam Brown (Trumpet)
Adam Hayes (Percussion)
Ashaine White (Backing vocals on ‘Doing My Thing’)
Engineered and recorded at Saige Studios by Gibbi Bettini
Mixed at Highfield Studio by Warren Woodcraft and Elliot Richardson
Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering
Don’t Say and I Don’t Want It: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Snow Owl.

*Featuring Snow Owl
** Adam Cooper Vocals and Kim Cypher Sax
*** Live vocal take in a stairwell
**** Marco Piccioni on Guitar

Track Listing

  1. Fierce and Non Compliant
  2. For My Dad***
  3. I Woke Up This Morning So I Can’t Complain
  4. Be On My Side
  5. I Followed My Heart**
  6. Don’t Say*
  7. Feel***
  8. Use The Right Words
  9. Just Tell Me When
  10. I Don’t Want It*
  11. Socialising with Misery****
  12. I Thought I Saw your Heart
  13. Doing My Thing

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