Ari Giancaterino

Fear Animated (Ari Giancaterino)

A passion project by young LA-based bassist and composer Ari Giancaterino- this 4-track EP showcases exploratory compositions designed for jazz ensemble. Featuring the musical talents of some of the jazz world’s shining up-and-coming artists, Fear Animated showcases the sounds and improvisational styles coming out of the melting-pot city of Los Angeles. This eclectic album is one artists’ take on the fusion of jazz tradition mixed with contemporary sensibility. With exciting solos and compositions that cross an emotional landscape, Fear Animated aims to bring out in the listener a sense of adventure.

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All compositions composed and arranged by Ari Giancaterino

Trumpet: Sara Sithi-Amnuai
Guitar: Luca Ferrara
Piano: Will Kjeer
Upright Bass: Ari Giancaterino
Drums: Zev Shearn-Nance

Track Listing

  1. Cure for Stagnance
  2. Fear Animated
  3. Tales from Exurbia
  4. Truce

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