Noa Fort

Everyday Actions (Ears & Eyes Records)

Israeli-born vocalist, pianist, composer, and music therapist Noa Fort is blurring the lines between written and composed, group and individual, inner and outer soundscape, giving and receiving; all on the path to healing, with music.

In 2018 Fort released her debut album as a bandleader and composer, ‘No World Between Us’. In ‘Everyday Actions’, her second album as a leader and composer, Fort is using her voice and piano to draw abstract musical pictures Abandoning lyrics almost completely, it is the timbre, tone, and emotion in her voice that bring about the lyrical depth of the songs.

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Josh Deutsch - trumpet
Dan Loomis - bass
Ronen Itzik - drums
Noa Fort - voice, piano, compositions

Track Listing

  1. 1. Endless Tea Party 04:48
  2. 2. The Stories We Tell 04:13
  3. 3.Tunnels 07:00
  4. 4. Home Scratch 02:36
  5. 5.Everyday Actions 03:55
  6. 6.Rovno 04:50
  7. 7.Song for a New Year 03:02
  8. 8. Deeping 06:07
  9. 9. Nature´s 03:01

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