Olin Clark

Ephemera (Lyon Hill Records)

NYC-based guitarist Olin Clark invites listeners into the genre-bending world of Ephemera. Featuring alto saxophonist Nathan Reising, bassist Dan Montgomery, and drummer Evan Hyde, Ephemera crafts a dynamic and unique sound that weaves together influences from jazz, rock, folk, experimental, and metal genres. The addition of singer Lily Talmers and keyboardist Aidan Cafferty on compositions “There’s Always a Place”, and the eponymous “Ephemera” adds a layer of diversity and highlights the album’s folk-rock influences. The themes of Ephemera revolve around the idea of impermanence and imageries of keepsakes and memorabilia. From the math-rock rhythms of “Coveted” to the lyrical sweetness of “Anything But”, Ephemera promises to captivate listeners with interesting compositions and memorable performances.

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