Entering Utopia (Three Pines Records)

The classic saxophone, bass and drums trio has a distinguished history in jazz, going back to Sonny Rollins and Lee Konitz in the late 1950s and early 60s. The Canadian collective TuneTown, formed in 2015, extends and honours the venerable tradition and releases its swingin’ and adventurous sophomore album in March.

TuneTown pools the creativity of three of Canada’s top jazz improvisers; Kelly Jefferson (Saxophones), Artie Roth (Bass) and Ernesto Cervini (Drums, Percussion and Bass Clarinet)

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Kelly Jefferson - Saxophones
Artie Roth - Acoustic Bass
Ernesto Cervini - Drums and Bass Clarinet

Track Listing

  1. 1. Hello, Today
  2. 2. Entering Utopia
  3. 3. Layla Tov
  4. 4. Billyish
  5. 5. Flood, Deluge
  6. 6. Look Down
  7. 7. Sycamore
  8. 8. Cheryl
  9. 9. Sgraffito
  10. 10. Memories Remain
  11. 11. Looking Glass
  12. 12. Blue Gardenia

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