Elevate (Lettuce Records)

Known for their incendiary live shows, die-hard fans, and massive two-decade-plus career, Lettuce is a powerhouse collective bringing forth a new vitality to classic funk music. Comprised of a stellar group of musicians, the members of Lettuce blend together their talents into a sound distinctly their own infusing psychedelic sonics, blissful grooves, jazz rhythms and hip-hop inspired beats. ‘Elevate’ is a dynamic showcase of Lettuce’s ever-changing and all-inclusive musical palette. The six-member funk/jazz/soul/jam/psychedelic/hip-hop/art-rock/ambient/avant-garde/experimental collective maintains its eclectic, free-wheeling approach while embracing a progressive and futuristic vibe, with elements of Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Eno and Miles Davis.

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Grammy-nominated drummer and percussionist Adam Deitch
Guitarist Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff
Bassist Erick "Jesus" Coomes
Grammy Award-winning keyboardist and vocalist Nigel Hall
Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Ryan Zoidis
Grammy Award-winning trumpet player Eric “Benny” Bloom

Track Listing

  1. Trapezoid
  2. Royal Highness
  3. Krewe
  4. Shmink Dabby
  5. Everybody Wants to Rule The World
  6. Gang Ten
  7. Ready To Live
  8. Larimar
  9. Love Is Too Strong
  10. Purple Cabbage
  11. Trapezoid Dub

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