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Eau de Vie 21st Anniversary Edition (CooL Music)

The original album Eau de Vie was recorded in 2000 with Boni de Souza (piano-arranger), Victor Gaskin (Double Bass) Sanip Ismail (drums) and Wendy Low (Flute) and Farid Ali (guitar). The remastered reissue includes some tracks from other albums recorded by the band which included guests Kenny C, Syed Idros, Richard Jackson, Iggy Bong, Tan Chin Boo, Azman Nirwan and Niq Osman. The planned release for this 21st Anniversary Edition is 8th August 2021 which is the 21st anniversary of the 1st release as well as the Anniversary of CooL Music which began on 8th Aug 2020.

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Boni de Souza - composer-music director-pianist (all tracks)
Wendy Low - Flute (Eau de Vie/B is for Bossa/Bossa for U/Wanna)
Victor Gaskin - Double Bass (Eau de Vie)
Sanip Ismail -Drums (Eau de Vie)
Richard Jackson - Vocals (Naima/Round Midnight/All Blues)
Guest musicians:
Iggy Bong - Elect bass (All Blues)
Kenny C - acoustic guitar (B is for Bossa)
Syed Idros - Bass (B is for Bossa/Bossa for U)
Azman Nirwan - bass (Round Midnight/ Naima)
Niq Osman - drums and percussion. (Naima /Round Mid/All Blues)
Clinton Carnegie - Jazz Guitar (All Blues)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Eau de Vie by Boni de Souza (remastered)
  2. 2. Naima by John Coltrane (new lyrics by Boni de Souza)
  3. 3. Wanna Make You Happy - music & lyrics by Boni de Souza
  4. 4. B is for Bossa - music by Boni de Souza
  5. 5. Round Midnight by Thelonius Monk (latin arr - Boni de Souza)
  6. 6. Bossa for U by Boni de Souza
  7. 7. Take Five (in 4) original - Paul Desmond (arr in 4 by Boni de Souza)
  8. 8. All Blues by Miles Davis - (this version by jUST jAZZ jIVE)

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