Eunyoung Kim

Earworm (Mung Music)

Pianist Eunyoung Kim hails from Seoul, S. Korea and in 2007 studied abroad at Berklee School of Music Undergrad as well as the New England Conservatory’s Masters Degree program. Returning to Korea in 2013, she stayed active as a sideman and leader and 2018 she released her debut album, “Silent Child”. “Earworm” album is the first album which showcases her longstanding love of free improvisation and features 11 tracks that were recorded spontaneously in the course of a couple hours.

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Eunyoung Kim, Solo Piano Improvisations

Track Listing

  1. Earworm I 05:06
  2. Earworm II 04:36
  3. Earworm III 05:09
  4. Earworm IV 07:32
  5. Earworm V 05:16
  6. Earworm VI 06:11
  7. Earworm VII 01:42
  8. Earworm VIII 04:37
  9. Earworm IX 07:25
  10. Earworm X 05:44
  11. Earworm XI 06:22

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