Domino Ensemble

Drunken Raccoon (Domino Ensemble)

Drunken Raccoon is the ensemble’s most recent exploration in trio format that fuses elements of tango, jazz, free improvisation and electronics. The EP includes two new works that feature the soprano saxophone, Drunken Raccoon and Polish Vodka, a Tango Blues, a personal homage to Anthony Braxton in Free Fugue, and a newly commissioned work by a young composer, The March, by Kris Monson that incorporates live electronics.

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The EP Drunken Raccoon features Jorge Variego (clarinet, soprano saxophone and compositions), Jon Hamar (double bass) and Keith Brown (drums).

Track Listing

  1. Polish Vodka
  2. Tango Blues
  3. Free Fugue alla Braxton
  4. The March
  5. Drunken Raccoon

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