Billy Pod

Drums to heal society (Puzzlemusik label)

Drums to Heal Society is the debut release of Greek drummer and composer Vassilis Podaras (aka Billy Pod). The eleven-track album is a reflection and exploration of the modern world in all its chaos, beauty and potential.

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Michalis Tsiftsis - Guitar
Yiannis Papadopoulos - Rhodes , Piano
George Kontrafouris - Piano (10)
Jannis Anastasakis - Electronics
Kimon Karoutzos - Bass
Katerine Duska* - Voice (6)
Stephanos Chytiris - Drums (8)
Billy Pod - Drums

*Katerine Duska appears by kind permission of MINOS–EMI S.A. / UNIVERSAL MUSIC

Track Listing

  1. Void (Podaras)
  2. Minor Mystery (Podaras)
  3. Reminiscence (Podaras)
  4. L (Podaras)
  5. One Heart (Podaras)
  6. Limit to your Love (Beck / Feist)
  7. Dark Passenger (Podaras)
  8. Drums to Heal Society
  9. Connection (Podaras)
  10. Billy Pod (Kontrafouris)
  11. Healing (Podaras)

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