Sy Joynet

Drum Alarm (Motionless Records)

Sy Joynet started playing music with violin. At the age of 16 changed to drums. Always practicing piano and synthesizers as a subsidiary subject. His first great success was winning the Grand Prix du Jury at the festival in Dunkerque in France with the band Jazz Trio. He played with Ronaldo Nascimento Luis Louchard, Nuno Neto Joe Barone in Brasilian Clubs e g Sam Brasil in Hamburg. Then he went to Long Beach to record with Allen Hinds, Alphonso Johnson, Melvin Lee Davis and Rogerio Jardim. He was considered as an “Artist of the Month” on AbstractLogix for the record “Various II.”

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Sy Joynet: Drums, Piano, Synthesizers
Alphonso Johnson: Electric Bass
Ronaldo Nascimento: Electric Bass
Jonas Mo: Electric Guitar
Victor Wooten: Electric Bass

Track Listing

  1. Bay-Wall
  2. Drum Alarm
  3. A §rd Quest
  4. Live Image
  5. Finally
  6. N Cabine
  7. Special Mace
  8. Divin'
  9. Scottish Drag
  10. Twist of Time

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz