John Hasbrouck

Don’t Walk Away From the Stove (Ruthless Rabbit Records)

John Hasbrouck’s first album of fingerstyle guitar, “Ice Cream”, was sited by ACOUSTIC GUITAR magazine as one of the “Top CDs of 2002”. The 2008 debut album of his string ragtime duo, The Northside Southpaws, was called “…one of the best CDs of the year” by MANDOLIN MAGAZINE. “Don’t Walk Away From the Stove” is Hasbrouck’s first jazz mandolin album. It a snapshot of the thriving traditional jazz scene on Chicago’s Lower West Side, featuring 22 guest artists who are part of the scene.

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Jason Batchko, James Conway, John Donatowicz, Patrick Donley, Steve Doyle, Rami Gabriel, Matt Gandurski, John Garza, Alex Hall, Robert Harris, Lance Helgeson, Eric Noden, Jeffrey Parker, Joel Paterson, Josh Piet, Kip Rainey, Beau Sample, Jacob Sanders, Andy Schumm, Jay Sebastian, Rick Sherry, Jon Williams

Track Listing

  1. Angry
  2. Cold Mornin' Shout
  3. Limehouse Blues
  4. Sweet Lorraine
  5. Chicago Tangle
  6. Baltimore
  7. Sugar
  8. Mean To Me
  9. I Surrender Dear
  10. Birds in the Brook
  11. Louise
  12. Chinese Break Down
  13. If I Could Be With You
  14. Harrisburg Itch
  15. Buddy Bolden's Blues

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