Don't Move

Don’t Move (Don't Move Me Records)

The Seattle-based piano trio, Don’t Move, creates mosaic after mosaic of sound. Together, the group splatters sonic colors against rippling rhythmic canvases; they overlay uniquely shaped melodies and flashes of bursting energy to form a one-of-a-kind puzzle of song that hangs framed in your mind above the mantle. Comprised of the delightfully narrative pianist, Eric Bob Warren Ainley, the dramatic and stalwart bassist, Ray Clemens, and locomotive drummer, Jeff DeRoshia, the trio, which first formed in 2014, darts one way and then quickly the next. Their music spools out in both direct and improvised ways, destination as yet unknown…

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Eric Warren "Bob" Ainley: piano
Ray Clemens: bass
Jeff DeRoshia: drums

Track Listing

  1. Gusset
  2. Bad Wolf
  3. Dispossessed
  4. The War Is Over
  5. This Man, This Island
  6. Instant Classic
  7. Bone In Pocket
  8. So Much Less Than the Best of Humanity

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