Girls in Airports

Dive (Mawi Music)

The Danish band Girls in Airports is based in Copenhagen and is one of the few young, Danish indie jazz bands that have established themselves internationally. In Germany, they are represented by the country’s leading jazz booking agency, Karsten Jahnke, and play at fully packed concert halls wherever they go. Their music has previously been released on the British label Edition Records, including the album ‘Live’ from 2017. The band has toured in countries such as the US, China, Brazil, and most of Europe.

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Martin Stender, saxophone and flute
Lars Greve, saxophone and clarinet
Mathias Holm, keys
Victor Dybbroe, percussion
Anders Vestergaard, drums

Track Listing

  1. Suncry
  2. Collision
  3. Weaver
  4. Outside Looking In
  5. Waving Leaves
  6. Stonehouse
  7. Icicle
  8. Lin
  9. Broke
  10. Rold Skov
  11. Anima

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