Johannes Brecht Trio

Disparaître (CORE Records)

The Johannes Brecht Trio announce their reunion with the release of their upcoming album, ‘Disparaître’ via. CORE Records. The trio, consisting of the renowned electronic music producer Johannes Brecht, drummer Antonio Farris and guitarist Matteo Capreoli, gathered at the recently inaugurated Brewery Studios in Berlin and recorded their three-day jam session. This resulted in a compilation of nine experimental electronic jazz tracks, forming the album ‘Disparaître,’ scheduled for release on June 28th.

The recording process for ‘Disparaître’ was characterized by spontaneity and collaboration, as the trio captured raw moments of creativity and expression. Collaborations with artists like Lazarusman and Pitou added depth and diversity to the album, enriching its sonic landscape. Each track becomes a dialogue between musicians, a convergence of diverse perspectives and influences.

The single ‘New Grass ft. Pitou’ exemplifies the collaborative spirit that shaped the album. Dutch singer Pitou lends her vocals to this track, which intertwine seamlessly with Brecht’s atmospheric production. Discovering her passion for classical music in childhood, Pitou integrates these influences into both her solo alternative-pop work and into her collaborations. On ‘New Grass ft. Pitou’, it seems like all musicians – whether present in the recording session or not – are entering a smooth and sensual dialogue with each other. Lights dim and the ambience softness. The mood is both tranquil and vague, like gentle rain on a sunday morning that upends plans and leaves things open-ended. “I love how raw and abstract Pitou’s vocals are, they were the perfect addition to the track,” says Johannes Brecht. The single is out on May 17th via. CORE Records.

Available 2024-06-28

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