Glenn Charles Riley

Different Day, Different Way (127Music)

Take the influences of rock, add R&B then throw in jazz influences and you have gcr. Now you add some extended-range basses and you get a musical voice you may not be familiar with. We create music that will relax you and in the next moment give you music that will definitely get your attention. Glenn Charles Riley loves playing music and is surrounded by players who love what they do on their instruments. Put this all together and the audience receives an interactive performance between both performers and the audience.

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Glenn Riley, Bill Shephard, Bruce Riley, Gabriel Hasselbach

Track Listing

  1. Ground Floor
  2. Different Day, Different Way
  3. At This Moment
  4. Brothers
  5. Let's Talk
  6. Again
  7. Somethin She Said
  8. It Happens
  9. A Beautiful Day
  10. The Winds of Andor
  11. Ocean Park

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz