Tobias Grim

Derupeto (Nobelrecords)

The band Derupeto was started when Gothenburg guitarist Tobias Grim put the members togheter for a gig at the club Glenn miller in Stockholm and they felt they could create something unique together. Derupeto has previously played at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and done many appreciated concerts in Sweden.
Now finally comes the group’s debut album.

Out Now
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Tobias Grim guitar
Deodato Siquir vocals/Drums
Rubem Farias bas
Peter Knudsen piano

Track Listing

  1. Bahia
  2. Brazil lines
  3. Diorio
  4. Habari
  5. Vanessas vals
  6. Funk do misterio
  7. Tid
  8. No bar
  9. Lifeline

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