Ronnie Burrage & Holographic Principle

Dance of the Great Spirit (Truth Revolution Records & MiMikAlana Records)

Ronnie has played with Wayne Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, McCoy Tyner, Jackie McLean and is featured on more than 150 recordings; and has toured on all four continents from Siberia to South Africa to Japan Ronnie’s latest production, “Dance of the Great Spirit”, may be some of his greatest works In addition, but also as an organic part of his doing, Ronnie Burrage has been an influential teacher, both privately and in significant institutions He was Instructor at Penn State University, The University of the Arts, and as a confirming expression of his long career as a

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Ronnie Burrage, drums, composition, keys, vocals, percussion, producer
Nimrod Speaks, acoustic and electric bass, composition
Michal Wierba, piano, keyboards, composition
Frank Kuumba Lacy, trombone
James Stewart, alto, tenor, baritone saxes, flute
Antoine Drye, trumpet
Celina Fletcher, alto voice
Genea Martin, alto voice
Meredith Scuttles, soprano voice
Sam Coffee, bass voice
Joe Black, tenor voice

Track Listing

  1. Always comp. Ronnie Burrage
  2. Bachtify comp. Nimrod Speaks
  3. Celestial Moods comp. Ronnie Burrage
  4. Spring comp. Michal Wierba
  5. Dance of the Great Spirit comp. Michal Wierba
  6. Chanda comp. Ronnie Burrage
  7. Spling-A-Ding comp. Holographic Principle
  8. God's Only Black Man comp. Ronnie Burrage
  9. Tapestry comp. Michal Wierba
  10. Someday comp. Donny Hathaway

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